Episode 5 - Is Anime Strike Worth It?

In episode 5 Ryan is joined by Chris, Dean, and Jake to discuss the anime airing on Amazon Anime Strike for Summer 2017.

We rate anime on a 3 point scale which is not intended as a recommendation, but rather as a way to track how our interests as a group change over time. The scale is:

0 - Dropped
1 - Will give it a few more episodes
2 - Will continue to watch

Altair: A Record of Battle Chronicles00000%
Welcome to the Ballroom2222100%
Lights of Clione00000%
Princess Principal110025%
My Hero Hitorijime00000%
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu110025%
LOVE and LIES122288%
Made in Abyss00000%
Vatican Miracle Examiner120038%