#15 Geopolitics With @GforAnarchy12

What's up, ya Kooks?!? Joining me today is the History Gypsy himself, gps12, or gps16, or Garrette....you know, I'm just gonna call him Gypsy, or Gyps for short. I think he'll be cool with that...ANYWAY, he wrote a great piece on geopolitics that we hack at. We also discuss how I'm a poor bastard living in affordable housing, and how we see businesses compete in the free market daily right before our eyes. We also shamelessly rip off The Rollo & Slappy Show AND Tasting Anarchy because IP is BS, Obama turns Anarchist, AND we learn why WWII did NOT get us out of the Great Depression in like 5 minutes. Thanks, Google.

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And don’t forget…Own Your Failure, because God knows, our so-called leaders don’t. Peace.