#35 Ron Paul's Gold Standard of Foreign Policy

What's up, ya Kooks?!? We continue our book review with part 2 of Ron Paul's Manifesto. This is the foreign policy chapter. Specifically, the foreign policy of the Founding Fathers. I feel like your average American really takes their country''s foreign policy for granted, and underestimates what an impact it truly has on them. That's what makes us easy targets of propaganda, and supporting US intervention in other countries as we watch the failure of our attempts at regime change. Rather than be the country that leads by example, America seems to fall short and cave to the imperialistic ideals of the hawkish cronies drunk with power that will drive her right off the cliff into bankruptcy, and self destruction.
We are better than this, and it's not too late for Americans to wake up. 
A foreign policy of non-intervention and peace is popular to all Americans, and the rest of the world.

"This message is popular, and is based on American security, freedom, and common sense." 
- Ron Paul

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