#37 The Constitution (The Ron Paul Manifesto Part III)

What's up, ya Kooks?!? Today we cover Chapter 3 of the Manifesto: The Constitution. This document has been slapped around and taken advantage of like no other lady of liberty I can think of. #MeToo. It's up to us to hold the powers in Congress accountable when they try and infringe upon our individual liberties. The Constitution IS NOT a living, breathing document that can be bastardized and soiled for the state's imperial means. And yet, the power of the executive grows ever stronger time after time. This is NOT what the Founders had in mind. There is still hope.

“I do not believe that most Americans want to continue down this path: undeclared wars without end, more and more police-state measures, and a constitution that may well not exist. But this is not a fated existence. We do not have to live in this kind of America. It’s not too late to rally and recall our people to the Constitution, the rule of law, and our traditional American republic.” 

- Dr. Ron Paul

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