Episode 15-19 Lost to the Aether

Unfortunately due to recording problems in Episodes 15 - 19 the audio has been lost. Episodes 15, 16, 17, and 18 can be found on the YouTube channel but the audio quality is really poor. Episode 19 is nowhere to be found.



Episode 19 has been found! After going back through my files one last time I found the missing audio files for episode 19. Editing it now, will upload shortly. In the meantime I have pulled episode 20 so that everything shows up in order.

Episode 5 - Is Anime Strike Worth It?

In episode 5 Ryan is joined by Chris, Dean, and Jake to discuss the anime airing on Amazon Anime Strike for Summer 2017.

We rate anime on a 3 point scale which is not intended as a recommendation, but rather as a way to track how our interests as a group change over time. The scale is:

0 - Dropped
1 - Will give it a few more episodes
2 - Will continue to watch

Altair: A Record of Battle Chronicles00000%
Welcome to the Ballroom2222100%
Lights of Clione00000%
Princess Principal110025%
My Hero Hitorijime00000%
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu110025%
LOVE and LIES122288%
Made in Abyss00000%
Vatican Miracle Examiner120038%